Taimen Fishing Mongolia is Catch and Release

Mongolia Fishing Laws and Regulations

Taimen fishing is catch and release only.  All taimen caught must be returned immediately to the river or lake unharmed. Taimen anglers may only fish using a single, barbless hook ...

Taimen Catch and Release Guidelines

Catching a big taimen is every angler’s dream.  Handling a fish of this size is difficult. Please take some time to learn the proper way to handle and release a taimen. How to release a taimen Keep the taimen in the river, never drag it onto the bank. Either use a landing net or sling [...]

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What You Can Do

1. Use only single hook lures; if you have lures with treble hooks please remove the treble hooks, replace them with single hooks and pinch down the barbs. 2. Ask to see your license to make sure that you are in possession of a taimen fishing permit. 3.  Never use treble hooks while fishing for [...]

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This is Fly

Mongolian Triple Crown, article by Nathan Ward in This is Fly, Issue 18. Starts on page 101. “The cool thing about fishing in Mongolia is that any cast you make could be the cast that hooks you up with the biggest fish of your lifetime.”

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Hooked Monster Fish of Mongolia

Both Fish Mongolia and Sweetwater Travel are featured on National Geographic’s Hooked episode ‘Monster Fish of Mongolia’ with Zeb Hogan. “Aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan continues his quest to find and protect the worlds largest freshwater fish in the frigid rivers of Mongolia. He will travel by plane, truck, and horseback to find the largest trout known as the Hucho taimen”

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Taimen Trip Reports by Nathan Ward

Here are links to two blog posts by adventure travel photographer and writer, Nathan Ward. Nathan has visited Mongolia on numerous occasions over the last 15 years, and in the summer of 2008 he visited Fish Mongolia’s camp on the Delger Muron, and took a trip to the Taiga hosted by the new Tsaatan co-op tourism initiative, the Tsaatan Community Visitor Centre.

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Taimen Flies by Mikhail Skopets

Here are a selection of taimen fly patterns used by Mikhail Skopets in the Russian Far East. Misha is a professional fish biologist & enthusiastic fly-fisherman based out of Khabarosk. More fly patterns can be found on his website at www.xapuys.ru

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